Jag med bronsmedal och diplom från SM 2019

Swedish photography championship 2019

This post is also available in: Svenska (Swedish)

I chose to participate in the 2019 Swedish photography championship, and last weekend, the final event was held at Fotografiska in Stockholm. It was a completely new experience for me, and an amazing one at that. I had submitted six photos in total; five of them won awards, and four of them went through to the final and had prints judged by an international jury in Stockholm. I won a bronze medal in the “Nature” category and placed 16th overall in the championship, a placement I’m very satisfied with and proud of. After the championship I was given a spot in the Swedish national photography team. More on that in an upcoming post!

I accept my bronze medal in the “Nature” category.

After the award ceremony there was a gala dinner in the restaurant at Fotografiska, to the great delight of my wife. It was a dazing and very entertaining evening, and it was fun to mingle and establish some contact with others in the photography business, people I hadn’t met before or had only communicated with online. After all, I’m still just a beginner, so a little networking is very good for me.

All photos were judged on a number of criteria and awarded a score of up to 100 points – if you want to know more about the judging and scoring you can read about it on the championship web page, though unfortunately only in Swedish.

These are the photos I submitted and the awards they won:

Christmas morning in rain

The photo above got 88 points, a “Distinction” award, and won the bronze medal in the “Nature” category.

Jetty in snow

The photo above competed in the “Fine Art” category. It received 83 points and a “Merit” award.

Sunset at Kleven

The photo above competed in the “Fine Art” category. It received 80.8 points and a “Merit” award.

Lofoten on fire

The photo above competed in the “Fine Art” category. It received 80 points and a “Merit” award.

Troll forest

The photo above competed in the “Fine Art” category. It received 78.2 points and an “Honourable mention”.

Here’s a gallery with all the photos that reached above a certain score. It was as mentioned a very cool experience overall for me to compete in this championship. Now I’m looking forward to competing in the World Photographic Cup 2020 as part of the Swedish national team, and I’m already longing for next year’s edition of the Swedish championship!

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